Development Partners

Magma Structures will be building the carbon fibre AQ-Y structure, make the world’s tallest free-standing masts for the international super yachts, such as The Maltese Falcon.Their carbon fibre masts experience 50-times the strain that will be experienced by AQ-Y, so although AQ-Y will look slim and elegant, it will be very strong and very safe. Optic fibres embedded in the carbon masts constantly feed back stress information on the structure to ensure optimum safety. Cable car and wheel capsules are well understood, but have tended to be perfunctory, whereas the AQ-Y pod will have a super yacht ambience – yet with minimal weight. The exterior and interior elegantly curved glass and nano technology, dust and dirt repelling glass coating will maintain an excellent view, whatever the weather.

Wind Tunnel Testing
Dr Sandy Wright of the Wolfson Unit at Southampton University has used computational fluid dynamics to assess the wind loads on AQ-Y at various wind speeds and directions. He now has a clear idea of how the wind flows around the nearby buildings and AQ-Y itself. Sandy’s work confirms that the weight of the structure will always exceed the highest wind loading.

Motion Control
Professor Andrew Plummer and Jens Roesner, lecturer, of Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath are assessing the most suitable motion power and control systems, assessing the geometric and kinetic needs and study the way AQ-Y moves on their special test-bed to ensure that it will feel just right. Sensor technology to prevent collision and facilitate docking is mature in the automotive, marine and space industries and Bath University will assist in designing and testing the control system

Louis Verdegem, hydraulics systems expert for BoschRexroth, and intern Hazel Dearson, have worked out the best motors to spin, tilt and stabilise AQ-Y.

SRA Architects, will be the architects for the embarkation and visitor hall.

Buro Happold, international engineers, will design the foundations.

Andrew Streatfield of Roballo has chosen the right range of bearings to hold the masts, capsule and base.

Safety Regulation Compliance
David Inman, Inman Associates, will conduct an in-depth Design Review of the documents of the design elements (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic) and their integration involving a Design Risk assessment followed by review of the determined safety critical parts with sampling of the design detail and independent checking of the loadings applied and processing. He will ensure that every risk, design, systems integration and testing has been rigourously assessed and mitigated to satisfy HSE’s risk-based methodology HSG175 ‘Fairgrounds and amusement parks.

Trevor Osborne is our seed funder. Council Member of the Georgian Group, Trustee of the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust, Director of the Academy of Urbanism, Chairman of the Advisory Board of South East Excellence, Court Member and Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brooks University, Bournemouth University Business School Advisory Board member Bath Initiative, member Greater Bath. Trevor served on the Royal Fine Arts Commission when the London Eye was being considered by Southwark and Westminster councils – he recommended that a temporary consent be given: if the London Eye was successful, everyone would be pleased; if not, it could be taken down. The result is legendary!

Business Case
Lesley Morisetti of Morisetti Associates, a well-experienced tourism consultant, has researched the pricing structure and how tickets will sell through the seasons.

Intellectual Property
Julian Bardo of Abey & Imray, patent attorneys, made the patent application and checked that no-one has got there beforehand.

Land Ownership
James Mallender of The Legal Director undertook a title search and found no obvious legal impediment to the development of AQ-Y. Bruce Roxburgh of Roxburgh Milkins is our corporate lawyer.

Juliana Delaney, CEO of Continuum, is considering operating AQ-Y, bringing the wide experience of operating tourist venues such as the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth and, formerly, the Jorvik Centre, York. Juliana knows how important it will be to maintain a consistently high customer experience.