The AQ-Y Team

04783937_tNick Stubbs, Architect & Inventor of AQ-Y

I guess I have been an inventor and designer all my life, in different ways. As a kid, my mother called me Undo-it-Yourself-Nick, and my fascination with how things work helps me to understand them and to identify the gaps. (Nowadays I usually also know how to put them back together).

Most of my career has been spent as an architect, using those skills to find solutions for my clients. One example was IKEA, who identified a potential warehousing problem when another retailer experienced pallets falling on a customer – not surprisingly, something IKEA wished to avoid. Having understood the matter, I saw a double-solution – to address the problem, but also to increase the amount of stock IKEA could hold, speed up throughput and expand their showrooms and marketplaces! As a result, IKEA added a further 33,000 square metres to their stores.

Having an idea is only the beginning: I also love getting into the detail and working tirelessly until roadblocks are removed.

For two decades, with my colleague John Rich, I ran my own architectural practice of between 25 and 65 staff, delivering over half-a-billion pounds worth of university, office, industrial and retail buildings, innovating all the time. Together we invented Öppen – an award-winning intelligent building system which has been selected by the Cabinet Office as a demonstration project as part of its 2025 Construction Agenda.

Over the years I have gained skills in design, engineering, Town Planning and urban design, IT, business, leadership and management, accounting, HR and washing-up. I act as an RIBA accredited Client Adviser and as an architectural expert witness, giving evidence under cross-examination in the House of Lords, for example.

Since 2000, I have studied energy, climate change and sustainability and I have initiated Resourceful Earth a ‘Green Energy from Food’ waste plant near Keynsham. I am a Chartered Environmentalist with the Society for the Environment.

I serve on the Estates Group board at Bath Spa University and am part of the team working with teenagers on the Foxhill Estate. I am married to my lovely wife Diane: we have four grown-up children and one brand new grand-daughter.

04783925_tMegan Witty, Marketing Manager

I met Nick Stubbs three years ago at a Christmas drinks party in Bath. When he heard my background was in TV and sponsorship, he mentioned that he had an exciting invention he’d like to show me! As soon as I saw the AQ-Y animation, I knew it was a hugely exciting project with worldwide potential.

My background is in television, as a producer/director for ITV in London and the BBC Natural History Unit for nearly 20 years. I now specialise in producing high-profile creative events and city-wide public art projects and developing and marketing new ideas and projects. I have really enjoyed helping Nick to get AQ-Y off the ground over the last three years, introducing key partners and seed funding to the project. I love travel, photography and new adventures, so can’t wait for my first AQ-Y flight!

04783931_tAlice Ellis, Project Manager

From the moment I met Nick I felt inspired to be part of this phenomenal project. My communication and organisational skills from years in a variety of industries from retail to tourism are ideal for managing a project of this magnitude. My role is to deliver AQ-Y from launch to installation, wherever the journey takes us – it is already proving to be quite a ride! I am a prolific networker and love people – a useful skill when spreading the word about AQ-Y and how its benefits to World Heritage cities and local economies all around the world.

When I’m not working you will find me either rehearsing or performing with ‘The Bellini Girls’ – a glamorous, vocal harmony group, based in the beautiful city of Bath, which I founded in 2012. I have been married to my lovely husband, Martin for over 30 years and we have two adult sons. I love cooking, dancing, music, theatre and walking!

04783922_tAndrea Hewer, Social Media Consultant

I’m the voice and ‘conduit’ for all of AQ-Y’s social media conversations. My task is to share a stream of fascinating updates, facts, figures and visual wonderment – and to be on hand to answer questions and comments around the clock.

I’ve spent the last 25 years in retail, sales, marketing and customer service roles for reputable retailers, smart hotels, heritage places, gardens, interior design and high-end lifestyle brands – which also happen to be all the things I love! After coming to Bath as an 18-year-old art student (to the former College of Higher Education at Sion Hill, I settled here – and, ever since, wherever I’ve travelled in the world, this treasured city in the lush, green South West of England always calls me back.

04783940_tPhilip Jansseune, Site Designer

I’m the Creative Director of Walker/Jansseune, a copywriting and design agency based in Bath, and the designer of this website.

Together with my partner, a former Times journalist, I’ve built an agency which can assemble a hand-picked team to suit any project size and budget. Words and pictures, text and image, verbal and visual – however you say it, I believe they go hand in hand, and this gives our agency its distinctive edge.

I have worked for a range of London-based design agencies, including Addison, Attik, Tor Pettersen, Walker Izard and Zulver & Co. My expertise has the greatest focus in branding and the application of brand to a wide variety of print, online and 3D materials.

04783928_tMichael Phillips, Brand Development

I’ve known Nick for about thirty years and have observed, many times, his unique perspective and natural aptitude for innovation.

My skillset includes developing brand vision, drawing out brand personality, applying symbolism, creating identity systems and helping inspire loyal brand communities. I’m also a wordsmith, and have delivered advertising copy, scripts, articles, short stories, press releases, lyrics, plus corporate pieces for architects, charities, bankers, brokers and innumerable other professions. Oddest copy job? Writing a quote for JK Rowling.