The concept of Bath as an AQ-Y location has been well received, with much support from members of the public and organisations across the city. Plans for this are progressing steadily.

David James, Bath TourismDavid James, Head of Bath Tourism Plus, says ‘AQ-Y is beautifully inventive and will be a fantastic addition to Bath. It will bring extra visitors to the city, create jobs and further boost the local economy. It’s a very exciting project and we’re really looking forward to it’.

AQ-Y and Bath’s Heritage

Bath’s UNESCO status means any development in the city must be of an suitably high quality and must also make more of Bath’s existing assets. The contemporary Thermae Spa did exactly this by allowing thousands of people a year to experience the hot springs – one of the city’s key assets – first-hand.

Another key asset is the form of the city, which has evolved over millennia to become the city which residents and visitors enjoy today. Yet very few people currently have the opportunity to see the form of this beautiful city from above.

Hill views and tower views simply do not offer ‘close-above’ multi-point perspectives – whereas AQ-Y makes the most of the skies over Bath allowing passengers to understand the ‘grain’ of the city the and learn to ‘read’ the Roman and Georgian layout in a new way. There is no question that AQ-Y will enhance this asset.

AQ-Y Partners in Bath

Bath Rugby
The inward investment of Bath Rugby and AQ-Y together will make a dramatic improvement to the east bank of the river. AQ-Y will attract visitors all day, every day, boosting activity and trade between match days.

Bath Improvement District
BID’s 700 traders will benefit from the quarter-of-a-million visitors who will fly AQ-Y every year.

Bath Festivals
Bath’s tourist industry and hotels in collaboration with organisers for the festivals, events and major attractions.

Support for AQ-Y in Bath

Greg Ingham
Chair, Creative Bath, Chairman Theatre Royal Bath, Chief Executive Media Clash
“AQ-Y is unique, clever and innovative and will really add a distinctive offering to Bath. It will help underline Bath’s position as a creative city that celebrates its heritage in beautifully inventive ways. Future generations will be pleased that our era supported this…”

Richard Hall
Chairman, Zenith International, Bath

“It’s rare to see such imagination transformed into practical innovation. AQ-Y is a fantastic idea and a stunning design, which will be a sleek modern contrast to our heritage architecture. I can’t think of a better location. If we don’t back it, others will form a long queue to be first.”

Molly Van der Weij
Fellow of the Royal Society of Art and Commerce (FRSA)

With an eye to the future, AQ-Y will help us look back at the History of Bath. It is contemporary and futuristic and will offer a different view of the city. We need to show Bath as the special place that it is, by preserving it. AQ-Y will enable visitors and residents to do more in the city than they would otherwise and will give us new views and ideas about the World Heritage city.”

Peter Downey
Resident, Wellow, Bath

Like the London Eye, AQ-Y will become a huge asset to our city, contributing to the economy and as a marketing tool that will provide a message to people from every country that our World Heritage City is not a museum, but a thriving forward looking place using technology to provide a lasting message of our 21st century place in the United Kingdom. I think the current location will complement the plans for Stadium on the Rec and hope the project will proceed at all possible speed.”

Tim Moss
Director, Moss of Bath

‘I support AQ-Y. It would be a wonderful addition to an historic city. History and modern can go together. Sometimes I feel we live in a museum which is knee deep in mock Georgian facades. It will be a tourism attraction that will bring a positive element to the city in terms of modernism. I’m all in favour of it, so full marks to architect Nick Stubbs. I’m very impressed.’

Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst MBE
former Mayor of Bath &
 Board Member of Bath Tourism Plus
‘I am passionate about my home City of Bath and proud of our incredible history and heritage but Bath also needs to be in the 21st century, this is why I was pleased that I voted for Thermae Bath Spa which is a great success and now I fully support AQ-Y, another project that will encourage people to revisit the City. If we do not welcome some of the new project ideas that are brought to our City then my worry is that eventually people will think Bath does not have vision and they will take their ideas to more receptive towns and cities.’

Tony Pease
Bath Resident, The Circus

‘I think it’s a stunning idea. it’s about time Bath had something to represent the 21st century. The city deserves something modern and contemporary that isn’t built of Bath stone. It’s a wonderful idea.’

Darren Rogers
Enterprise & Innovation Manager, Bath College
‘I think AQ-Y is a great statement to show that Bath is full of creativity and innovation – a centre of great technical and engineering heritage and a unique skill centre. It will help to put Bath on the map  and really celebrate the talent that exists in the city.’

Stephen Dawson OBE
Bath Resident & Philanthropist

‘It’s great to have something new in Bath, something modern, but something that isn’t too intrusive on the old city.’

Gitte Dawson MBE
Founder Bath Christmas Market & King Bladud’s Pigs project

‘Very exciting! It’s going to look good and it’s going to be a great experience.”

Will Clark
Visitor to Bath, Engineer from Swindon

‘An absolutely terrific idea. AQ-Y is totally unique, as is Bath. What a great concept for the city and the tourists. It’s a totally original concept and there isn’t another city in the world that has anything like it. AQ-Y offers great views over a great city. What more could you want?’

Maria Barnes
University of Bath student

Fantastic, really good idea. It’s something new in the city, something original that will bring people to Bath. Congratulations to the inventor. I hope it goes ahead.”

Imogen Woodford
Bath Business owner, Social-i

‘Phenomenal. It will be incredible to be able to see our city from on high and AQ-Y will be a great, positive draw for visitors. The city has to embrace where we are now and this is a v stylistic and beautiful way of doing that – AQ-Y was designed for Bath. The old will sit nicely alongside the new.’

Tom Lewis
Founder, Co-Working Bath

‘I’m blown away by AQ-Y. One of the things we hear from members is that visitors don’t always get to all areas of Bath and so they don’t see what Bath has to offer and  the diversity of the traders on the high street. An attraction such as AQ-Y will bring an instant appreciation of Bath as a whole. It can only be a good thing to drive footfall to different areas of the city.”

Robin Kerr
Chairman, Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations (FOBRA)
‘AQ-Y will show off Bath to tourists and won’t be too much of an intrusion. The advantages hugely outweigh the disadvantages – and of course it retracts so when you want to see Pulteney Bridge in its beauty, you can look at it when it’s retracted.”

Richard Tidswell
Vice Chairman FSB Bath & Business Doctors Bath

‘Fantastic. AQ-Y exceeds all expectations. It will break the mould and is just what Bath needs. We need every one to get behind it and make it happen. It’s iconic, contemporary, revolutionary and will help portray a completely different aspect of Bath. Fantastic. Don’t let this opportunity go – we’ve got to make it happen.”

Nod Knowles
Former CEO of Bath Festivals

‘Like others, my initial reaction to putting the London Eye in the middle of Bath would be that it would look grotesque and would all be wrong. However, the thrill of looking down on the beauty of our most gorgeous city is fantastic. Having a subtle unobtrusive design such as AQ-Y is the perfect way to get more people to see that aerial view. The design will be a modern innovation within a beautiful landscape. AQ-Y is very intelligent – Bath deserves that kind of intelligence.’

Vivien Simpson
Ingester Marketing Services

‘I was so excited when I was first told about this project. I am proud that it was conceived here in Bath and it is a world first. Bath would benefit greatly from this innovation; people will love to see the magnificent view of Bath city and surrounding area from on high. The design is elegant and non-obstructive so will not block views permanently. We need AQ-Y here first. Let’s show the world we are not a city that is living in the past and we are not afraid to move with the times.”

Alistair Colston
Partner, Colston & Colston Chartered Surveyors

A really exciting project and one that I hope will fly – in every sense!’