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AQ-Y Engineering

AQ-Y comprises three parts – an elegant glass capsule, slender carbon fibre arms and a tiny base of just five square metres.

Such a slimline design would not have been possible using traditional materials such as steel, so AQ-Y uses carbon fibre technology which gives the strength and lightness necessary to create a slender, yet completely safe, sculpted frame.

Observation wheels and towers involve high capital expenditure and have a significant, permanent impact on the city skyline. AQ-Y is different and perfectly adapted for heritage cities that have something exceptional to see from close above. Most importantly, AQ-Y is never permanently on the horizon.

Unlike a Ferris wheel, AQ-Y has been designed to be movable – so the same unit could be used in several locations over the course of its lifespan.

The Flight

The way AQ-Y moves will reveal 360º degree panoramic views as the capsule sweeps up over the rooftops. Its closeness to the fabric of the city adds drama and adventure to the beauty around.

The glass capsule will take passengers on board from an embarkation point, then circle up slowly to a 65m apex. The ascent will be smooth, but exhilarating – like being in a fast lift, but moving sideways and upwards at the same time! The arms will then gently turn full circle, revealing panoramic views of the layout of a city and the area beyond – potentially for tens of miles when visibility is clear.