About AQ-Y

Project AQ-Y is an unique, sophisticated ride designed to lift 42 passengers high above a heritage site or city and give them new ways to understand and interpret it.

Designed by award-winning architect Nicholas Stubbs, AQ-Y comprises a revolving glass observation pod which is suspended between two slim, carbon fibre masts. This rises from a horizontal position to around 65 metres, offering 360º views over a location. The high-tech, low-profile design has been created specifically for heritage sites and AQ-Y is uniquely positionable, giving unique multi-point views of its host location.

With an average flight time of 20 minutes AQ-Y could be enjoyed by 250,000 people a year generating significant revenue for its host location.

The AQ-Y project is now at an advanced stage. Over the past three years the team has been working closely with a wide range of leading research and engineering partners. These include Magma Structures, designers and makers of the world’s tallest free-standing carbon fibre masts; Bosch; the University of Bath; the Southampton University and the National Composites Centre which develops carbon fibre technology for Airbus and Rolls Royce.